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ann coulter reads my fan fiction help

This is a review I just received for To Pieces*:

what the hell? there's a sex-mad ex-army vapire running around discworld? all the main female characters we know are lesbians? just to add insult to injury, your vocabulary, punctuation and grammar are all rubbish too. i assume, given your apparent obsession with gay sex, you may have something to tell your friends and family, if they don't already know.


I rather like my punctuation.

*Before you click: gotta warn for Monstrous Regiment spoilers, and sexual content, and such.

Update! Another review by the same person, this time for Now, Then:

right. you have a problem. every one of your fics that i've found yet is about maladicta and lesbian sex. if it had been teatime in your stories, i would have loved you. there isn't enough teatime on this site (in my biased and warped opinion), but since it's another lesbian maladict fic, dude, just find a hobby.

Is it wrong that I'm laughing? Especially since Now, Then is sorta kinda maybe about heterosexual sex, and all.
Tags: fan fiction, ich versteh euch nicht
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