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If the future isn't bright, at least it's colourful
I realise I'm risking a "we told you so" when I share this, but I think I hurt something in my foot while running. It twinges when I walk and I think it's the achilles tendon. I hate everyone, especially my feet and their inability to cope with a simple training plan.

(Maybe I should take tomorrow off cos I hate interval training anyway. Maybe I should take a lot more time off. Eep. After 138 km so far this month, I don't like the thought. Makes one wonder why one goes to all this trouble if the body clearly prefers sitting on a sofa.)

Did I mention my brand new Garmin Forerunner 305 is due to arrive tomorrow? WELL I SUPPOSE I CAN USE IT TO CHECK MY RESTING HEART RATE AND POWER WALKING SPEED *kicks things (with good foot)*
11th-May-2011 10:34 pm(no subject)
Switched the training plan around. Have three rest days a week now (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) instead of one and the same amount of training \o/.

Admittedly this depends on whether it is feasible to do speedwork and strength training on the same day. I'll tell you tomorrow. After I have dragged myself out of bed at seven to run around in the park with no breakfast, gone to work and then to the gym. I admit this does have a high probability of sucking. But then again I can drink on Friday, run Saturday and Sunday, drink Monday. The plan is awesome.

Reduced the weights, still have elbow pain after sprints, but not as much. Put Voltaren on elbows, didn't help. Voltaren, what is it good for. Should maybe use upcoming doctor visit to bring this up? (Yeah, I can see it. OH HAI MY ELBOWS HURT WHEN I RUN WHAT AM I GOING TO DO. I see a blank face in my future). Maybe I just need to do sprints more, to strengthen my elbow muscles? (this sounds improbable).

Other than that, things have been fairly eventless round here. I stepped on a tiny spider today (the actual plan was to usher it out, but it didn't work and I don't appreciate webs in my curtains). Got to ponder vegetarian ideals, i.e., I did buy sth. containing gelatin today as part of a birthday present. This confuses me more than it probably should.
8th-May-2011 04:17 pm(no subject)
Came back from today's 15K run. 1:40, if you must know (I keep telling myself that the long runs are meant to be slow). Also had a look through my training log from last year and apparently my long runs were a little longer BUT I only had seven runs total for May, or 83,5K. What. It's only the 8th and I've got five already, or 52,5K.

So finishing the half should be absolutely no problem this year, if I managed it last year o.O.

Have also proven that I possess foresight. If you squint. I mean, I didn't start until noon (and it is so very warm today, genius), but hey, at least I had breakfast this time :D (and did the laundy and the dishes). Now I'll have to clean the bathroom and the floors cos I have guests tonight (we'll drink a bottle of wine and then wander off into town, is the plan).

Am still sore from yoga class. Which was Friday. Which leads me to ask how in hell one is supposed to follow a training plan consisting of four runs a week while at the same time doing weight training twice a week (or, ahem, the sneaky yoga substitution. But it's very sweaty, painful yoga :D?)? I'm not naturally athletic. Hence I start out the hard runs already sore, and then I have more soreness on top of the original one. This cannot be the point.
6th-May-2011 12:15 am(no subject)
Interval training, hell yeah. It is fairly sucky. But since I'm all "can I has a half marathon time of 2:0x or less" I figured I have to train like a grown up now. So today I kept alternating one round in the park, full speed ahead, with one quarter round at snail pace. There's not much I can say about what I call "full speed" but a), no-one overtook me, b) I overtook a few moderately fit-looking people (yeah, they were probably on km 12 out of 18 or something with nothing fazing them). It was very dusty and there were a lot of insects. And lots of runners. And lots of loose dogs.

And my knee held up \o/ Even though it was a little complainy the past few days. Which is not funny, because I keep walking around all day, thinking, will it hurt on the next step? And the next? Is it even hurting? Is it the same bit that hurt before? Is it a different bit? Are my running days over forever? Kids, this is how somatoform disorder is formed. Don't try this at home.

PS people at work admire me for running such ~long distances~ asdfdghj what do you say to that. I usually say "you should have seen me in gym class" as well as "but I'm not ~fast~" but the latter is usually interpreted as false modesty, oh well. I've never been admired for my athletic achievements in my whole life. Time someone started XD

Other than that, lots of work & strange people & a moth in my bedroom that I can't seem to persuade to leave.
1st-May-2011 01:21 pm(no subject)
Today I learned that while running 80 min before breakfast in the bright sunlight is fine and completely acceptable (see: last Sunday), 100 min, for some reason, is not (see: today).

I fell into the shower and then onto the sofa and I haven't got up since. Except to make breakfast of champions (quark, a banana, honey, peanut butter & oats, all mixed together. It's fairly delicious but doesn't win any points for prettiness.) Should probably eat breakfast of champions before I go off running. Wouldn't feel quite so faint, probably.

I think I am going to go back to bed for a little while.
26th-Apr-2011 10:32 pm(no subject)
Dear diary,

tonight I ran 7.5 K and afterwards during a set of sprints my elbows (MY ELBOWS!!1) started to hurt and now I can hardly lift a fork.

What the hell happened here?



Anyone who can explain to me the physics at work here gets a price.
25th-Apr-2011 07:22 pm(no subject)
Have acquired sunburn no. 3 and 4 of this year over the weekend. (1 and 2 are souvenirs from America). Keep wondering why I, as an unapologetic hypochondriac, don't seem to possess the ability to apply sunscreen in a timely manner. Have tan now (that's probably why).

Ran 80 minutes before breakfast* on Sunday (the plan** said 12 km, but I couldn't see myself over a map with a ruler and a calculator). It was a beautiful run, very sunny, very lonely, without any distractions such as other people, clouds, or even a lot of bends in the road. Just me, mother nature and the one or other autobahn crossing.

The plan also says weight training today, unfortunately I'll have to sober up a little first (the white wine for lunch was v. nice, though. And there was such a lot of it.) Maybe another ten minutes will do it.

*any point after breakfast would have collided with family time on Easter sunday, so, no. One sees them very seldomly.

**the ~*plan*~ is a thing I made up myself that is supposed to ease me into half marathon distance again without my body noticing. It says "run a little longer each week until you're almost there, then run the half". Works like a charm so far.

Aah there's so much work this week and I'll still have to sort through a stack of letters, do the laundry, and prepare some stuff for tomorrow (having already done the dishes, sort of cleaned the room, and sorted the laundry in the first place). Best if I'll just head to the gym now, that'll get everything done faster :D

(PS I have a new vacuum cleaner and it is teh awesome, it even cleans my white couch!!1)
28th-Dec-2010 10:53 pm(no subject)
Public service announcement:

new Monstrous Regiment fic (fluffy, femslashy, in English): Is It Spring Yet? (on ff.n, on LJ)

new Harry Potter fic (angsty, femslashy, in German): Zehn neue Freizeitideen für Sie und Ihre willenlose menschliche Marionette (on ff.n, on LJ)

This journal is becoming increasingly friends-only for some strange reason.
9th-Dec-2010 10:54 pm(no subject)
Nothing to see here except some age old Mal!knitting!pics, posted for leanan_peredhil, drawn for 7tree_hugger's What Polly did next: Winter. Will be deleted quite soon. Three obstacles to Mal's knitting success (actually twelve)Collapse )
23rd-Nov-2010 11:24 pm(no subject)
I saw the new Harry Potter movie and HOLY SHIT THEY PLAYED NICK CAVE AND DANCED. Of all the things I'd have expected in a Harry Potter movie, "O Children" wasn't one of them. (Of all the Nick Cave songs to dance to, I wouldn't have guessed that one, either).

So yeah, that was a surprise. Also, it only took them seven movies to finally make a decent one? With only a minimum of cringeworthy moments, too *likes*

Also, I caught a cold and woke up today with various unpleasantnesses. Am expecting more. With things progressing as they are, I'll probably never get a workout of any kind in. Had to skip yoga class twice in a row! Am expecting muscle atrophy once again! With regards to the knee situation, I'll probably have to make a difficult decision between swimming and the elliptical machine (of doom). Also, I always feel bad when I present doctors with diffuse problems that require something that isn't antibiotica.
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